Battery Holder, 1D, Metal

Metal holder for 1D battery with Fahnstock clips.
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Metal Battery Holder, 1D

This Metal Battery Holder is designed to hold one D cell battery securely. It features two Fahnstock clips that allow for easy connection of any solid wires ranging from 22 AWG to 14 AWG. The holder does not have any specific direction for inserting the battery, giving you the flexibility to decide which end you want to be positive and reverse it as needed.

However, it is important to note that to prevent overheating and subsequent discharge of the battery, you should turn the Fahnstock clips upward so they are not touching the metal frame.

Key Features:

  • Metal construction for durability
  • Holds one D cell battery
  • Two Fahnstock clips for easy wire connection
  • No specific direction for battery insertion
  • Choice to decide which end is positive
  • Prevents overheating and subsequent discharge

Unique Selling Points: - Flexible battery insertion options - Prevents overheating and discharge - Durable metal construction

Product Specifications:

Product Name Battery Holder
Battery Type 1D
Material Metal Holder
Compatibility Battery, Metal Battery Holder, 1D, Metal
Features Two Fahnstock Clips for easy connection of any solid wires from 22 AWG up to 14 AWG, no specific direction for inserting the battery, reversible for positive end
Warning To prevent battery from overheating and subsequent discharge, turn the Fahnstock clips upward so they are not touching the metal frame

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Caution: To prevent overheating and discharge of the battery, ensure that the Fahnstock clips are turned upward and not touching the metal frame when inserting the battery.

Perfect for:

  • DIY electronics enthusiasts
  • Students studying electrical engineering
  • Professionals in the electronics industry
  • Individuals who frequently use D cell batteries
  • Those who need a reliable battery holder for their projects
  • People who value flexibility in their battery usage

  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: MBH1D
  • Brand: MiniScience