Finger Counter, Tally Counter, Digital Clicker, Counts To 99999

Compact electronic counter with adjustable finger strap.
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FCTR, also known as the Finger Counter, Tally Counter, or Digital Clicker, is an electronic device that provides ease of use, accuracy, and safety. This counter comes equipped with a soft, clear, and adjustable ring band that allows for secure placement in the palm of your hand, even when your hands are open. The FCTR features a large, easy-to-read display with a temporary light for use in the dark, and can count up to 99,999 laps, runs, goals, strokes, overs, hits, people, goods delivered, and more. It is suitable for business, pleasure, and many sports, and its ergonomic design allows for one-hand operation. The FCTR is the world's smallest tally counter, with a conspicuous design and silent operation.

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Perfect for:

  • Business professionals who need to keep track of inventory or sales
  • Athletes who need to count laps, runs, or goals
  • Hobbyists who need to count stitches or rows in knitting or crochet projects
  • Teachers who need to count attendance or grades
  • Event planners who need to count guests or items
  • Anyone who needs to count anything quickly and accurately!

Product Specifications:

Size: 2.7x.7x1cm
Weight: 11g

Caution: Battery is included; however, batteries may die while products are in our warehouse. In this case, you may need a new battery as soon as you receive the counter. Clamshell may be included with each counter at no extra cost, but clam shells are not a part of the product and are provided as is. Clam shells may be broken. Wholesale only.

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  • Model: FCTR
  • Brand: MiniScience